I Need Your Help: Information Only You Can Provide

My goal is to make this site as complete and as informative as possible. To this end, I'm still searching for a great deal of information about Sound City amps and speaker cabinets, but you can help. A partial list of what I'm still searching for follows.

  • 200 Slave
  • DMI-Era 1x12 (Club 12)
  • Personal photos that show Sound City equipment; e.g., from old trade shows, performances, Sound City stacks, etc.


  • Arbiter Electronics era
  • Early Dallas Arbiter era (Mark 2 and earlier)
  • Later DMI era
  • Tour Series (DMI) era


  • L/B50R
  • L/B120R
  • L/B100 Mark 2
  • L/B200 Mark 2
  • Slave 300+ (SC300+)
  • X188 Head (DMI era)
  • Tour Series (DMI era)
  • Tube/component layout diagrams

Misc. Promotional Materials

  • Advertisements
  • Product Brochures
  • Price Lists
  • Magazine or Trade Publication Articles

Other Information

I'm looking for r ecommendations for reliable amp techs in your area who work on Sound City heads. I'll gladly post a geographical list of amp techs when I receive enough recommendations. (Currently building a list.)

Please Note: If you'd like to share any of the preceding information --- or if you think of something I haven't mentioned here --- please contact me before you send it! Thank you!

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