DMI Mellotron Information

This page is devoted to Mellotron products. For a time, Mellotron was a subsidiary Dallas Music Industries (DMI), and various products were marketed under the Mellotron brand, including tapes and other accessories.

Please Note: I am completely unfamiliar with all the Mellotron products, and wish to remain so, so please don't send email questions about Mellotron products, unless you feel you have something of interest that could be posted here. Thanks!

DMI Mellotron Brochure

DMI Mellotron Price Lists

Assorted Mellotron Documentation
  • Page 1
    A legal DMI document, dated September, 1973, that discusses concerns the America Federations of Musicians had about Mellotrons; interesting!
  • Page 2
    A list of Mellotron tapes, dated March, 1974; note the names!
  • Page 3
    A letter from DMI/Mellotron's Bill Eberline to a user
  • Page 4
    A letter announcing a Mellotron "tour clinic"
  • Page 5
    Mellotron tour clinic dates and locations, November to December, 1974
  • Page 6
    An ad featuring Felix Pappalardi, bassist for Mountain and songwriter

  • Page 7
    Another ad featuring Felix

Assorted Mellotron Links
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