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Bass 150


1.1: Sound City Bass 150 Front View
150 watts from four KT88s, DMI-era, black "basketweave" Tolex, original silver-and-black (Marshall-like) knobs, silver vein, gold trim, (Note that the two inputs, two Bass controls, and Overtone control, set the Bass 150 apart from most other Sound City amps.)
The Bass 150's preamp is passive.   Photos Home Page

(This amp is a verified 1974/1975 model year.)

1.2: Sound City Bass 150 Front Exterior Chassis View
Note the transformers. My assumption is Partridges, but I can't be sure. If anyone knows for certain, please let me know, but they are original based on every other Bass 150 I've seen. Also, the two ECC83s are Mullards and the ECC81 is simply marked "GDR," make unknown.   Photos Home Page

1.3: Sound City Bass 150 Rear View
Note the original "Widow-Maker" two prong power cord; grommets over Slave In/Out and 600ohm jacks.   Photos Home Page

1.4: Sound City Bass 150 Rear Exterior Chassis View
Note the probably original GEC KT88s and the 90-degree orientation of the transformers.   Photos Home Page

1.5: Sound City Bass 150 Serial Number Label
Serial number suggests this amp was made in 1974.   Photos Home Page

1.6: Sound City Bass 150 Interior Chassis View
Surprisingly sparce, no?   Photos Home Page

1.1: Sound City L150 Front View
Presumably ~150 watts from six EL34s,
DMI-era (similar to Bass 150 above), black "basketweave" Tolex, original silver-and-black (Marshall-like) knobs (also similar to Bass 150); head cabinet is similar to the Tour Series head cabs, but might be a home-built job. The 4x12 speaker cabinet is a very early Dallas Arbiter model with rare, silvery grill cloth. Although this amplifier model is not shown in the DMI catalog, it is unquestionably from the DMI era, and I'd never even heard of one before receiving the following photos!   Photos Home Page

1.2: Sound City L150 Front Panel View
Two inputs, footswitch input (apprently connected to the Dirty Volume control), two volume controls: Dirty and Clean; three EQ controls: Bass, Middle, and Treble; Presence control and Master Volume control. The transformers are clearly Partridges and quite dissimilar to the Bass 150's transformers shown above. Further, the five preamp tubes are also dissimilar to the Bass 150's three preamp tubes. This difference is presumably due to the extra preamp controls on this DMI-era amp. The green lamp cover might not be original, but who knows? This thing is quite rare.   Photos Home Page

1.3: Sound City L150 Front Exterior Chassis View
This amp clearly uses the same chassis as the DMI-era Bass 150 shown above. Also note that this amp's Partridge transformers are not positioned 90-degrees from one another as are the Bass 150's transformers.   Photos Home Page

1.4: Sound City L150 Rear Exterior Chassis View
Note how similar this amp's array of six EL34s is to the Dallas Arbiter and DMI-era 120 Mark 4. Who knows what Sound City might have done to eek out the extra 30 watts available with this head. Aside from needing a good cleaning, this amp appears to be in great condition.   Photos Home Page

1.5: Sound City L150 Rear View
Note that the rear panel appears to be two separate pieces, although this could be a trick of the light in the photo. Also note the extra two bolts and washers, which also appear in the front view photo above. Were these bolts used to stiffen the head cabinet? This is, perhaps, a unique rear-panel arrangement for an apparently rare amp. Or, it might just have been "customized" at some point.   Photos Home Page

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