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Sound City SMF Tour Series

1.1: SMF Tour Series Front View
~150+ watts from eight EL34s, original corners and knobs (one is missing its top), black "basketweave" Tolex, two inputs, large SMF logo; note the two air-circulation vents in the front panel and that the front panel model name is "Sound City SMF Tour Series." Also, two of the eight EL34s are used as phase inverters, which is a weird configuration, but one that apparently works.

Please note that I'm not yet that familiar with this era of Sound City equipment. If anyone has information to share, please contact me.   Photos Home Page

2.1: (A second) SMF Tour Series Front View
~150+ watts from six of the eight EL34s (two EL34s are used as phase inverters), original corners and knobs, black "basketweave" Tolex, no top handle (this was standard), two inputs, large SMF logo, two air-circulation vents in the front panel, but the front panel model name is simply "SMF Tour Series."   Photos Home Page

2.2: SMF Tour Series Chassis Top-Front View
Original transformers (which are very similar to the Bass 150's transformers; Partridge's?) and choke, five preamp tubes, the eight EL34s, and assorted large-can electrolytic caps.   Photos Home Page

2.3: SMF Tour Series Rear-Side View
Note the heavy-duty recessed handle in the side; this amp should have come with a hand-truck!   Photos Home Page

2.4: SMF Tour Series "Heavy-Duty" 4x12 Cabinet
According to the SMF Catalog (see "Catalog Pages"), this 4x12 cab corresponded to the SMF Tour Series era. The example shown here is not stock, as I'm told the speakers it contains are not original, although the catalog does not specify a speaker brand used in these cabs. It's a somewhat ungainly beast, but I've heard they get very loud.   Photos Home Page

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