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PA Speaker Cabinets


Trapezoidal PA Cabinets

Club 10

1.1: Sound City PA80 4x12 Cabinet Front View
This rare PA speaker cabinet is from the late 60s Dallas Arbiter era. This suggestion is based on the silver grill cloth, smooth black covering, offset side-mounted handles, and grey piping. According to the owner, the 12-inch speakers are 20-watt Fanes. This cab really is in wonderful condition.
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1.2: Sound City PA80 4x12 Cabinet Rear View   Photos Home Page

1.3: Sound City PA80 4x12 Cabinet Side View
Note the oddly offset handles, which were standard on these cabs.
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1.4: Sound City PA80 4x12 Cabinet Serial Number Label   Photos Home Page

1.5: Sound City PA80 4x12 Cabinet Logo Close-Up
The logo is the larger flat-metal type.   Photos Home Page

1.1: Sound City Trapezoidal PA Cabs Front View
Looking for an oddity? Well here you go. I've never seen these before, so there's not much I can say, but I would swear they're a stock Sound City product based on their cosmetics.   Photos Home Page

(If anyone knows anything about these odd little cabs, please contact me.)

1.2: Sound City Trapezoidal PA Cab Interior View
Go figure, three 6x9-inch oval Fanes!? Weird. These just have to be PA cabs.
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1.1: Sound City Club 10 2x10 Guitar/PA Cabinets Front View
These cabinets are a bit of an anomoly. A 2x10 cab, called the "Club 10," is shown in the DMI catalog, and an unnamed 2x10 cab (for use with the Sound City 20) is shown in the Dallas Arbiter catalog on its PA pages. The cabs shown in the following photo have the top-mounted handles, top-centered logos, reddish-brown grill cloth*, and gold grill-frame trim used on DMI-era cabs, all of which which suggest these are Club 10 cabinets.   Photos Home Page
*See "Grill Cloth, Tolex, and Logo Types" on Photo Page 14.

1.2: Sound City Club 10 2x10 Guitar/PA Cabinet Rear View
The following photo clearly shows that the two 10-inch (possibly AlNiCo) speakers in this cab are rear loaded, which is specified in the DMI catalog for the Club 10 cabs. Also, note the "67" on the magnet of the right speaker, which means Eminence (in EIA code). You can also just make out "72," which means this speaker was made in 1972 (also in EIA code). Assuming these speakers are stock, I'd say it's a safe bet these are Club 10 cabs made in the early DMI era.   Photos Home Page

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