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Full Stacks, Half Stacks, and Collections
Although most of these items appear elsewhere in this site, I've also placed them here for easier side-by-side comparisons.

1.1: Sound City 50 Plus/4x12 Half Stack Front View
A 50 Plus sitting on a modified Dallas Arbiter-era 4x12 (B140 or L140) cab. Note the Fender grill cloth, the Vox corners, and the Hiwatt-like white piping around the grill frame. This cab also has two Celestion G12 65 watters, one Celestion G12T 75-watter, and one Fane Classic 70-watter. Also note the very early Dallas Arbiter-era logo on the cab and the Hiwatt-like white piping around the front of the 50 Plus. Modifications and restorations be damned... this is a very nice half stack!   Photos Home Page

1.2: Sound City 50 Plus/4x12 Half Stack Oblique Front View   Photos Home Page

1.3: Sound City 50 Plus/4x12 Half Stack Oblique Rear View
Note the Hiwatt-like port which indicates this cab might date back to the period when Sound City cabs were built by the Glarev Company, which for a brief time was also building cabs for Hiwatt.   Photos Home Page

2: Sound City 50 Plus/2x12 Half Stack
A 50 Plus on a Dallas Arbiter-era L60 or B60 2x12 cabinet.   Photos Home Page

3: Sound City L150/4x12 Half Stack
DMI-era L150 head with a 4x12 speaker cabinet that is a very early Dallas Arbiter model (L80 or B80) with rare, silvery grill cloth.    Photos Home Page

4: Sound City L200 Plus/4x12 Full Stack
Slightly modified 200 Plus head on top of two completely restored B140 4x12 cabs.   Photos Home Page

5: Sound City B120/2x15 Bass Rig
DMI-era F215 cabinet with a DMI-era B120 head on top. (For photos of this B120 head, see Photo Page 6.)   Photos Home Page

6: Sound City 50 Plus/4x10 Half Stack
A 50 Plus head sitting on a DMI-era 4x10 (L410 or L410H) speaker cabinet.   Photos Home Page

7: Sound City B120/4x12/2x12 Full Stack
DMI-era B120 head and a DMI-era 4x12 cab (L140 or B140) on a Dallas Arbiter-era 2x12 cab (L60 or B60). My apologies for the blurry image.   Photos Home Page

8: Sound City 50 Plus/L610 Stack
A DMI-era 50 Plus head (see also Photo Page 3) sitting on a DMI-era L610 cab (see also Photo Page 12). Neither the cab's grill cloth nor the head's knobs are stock, nor, as it happens, does the cab have its stock Eminence 10s. But it is a very colorful setup nonetheless, and its owner, who says he purchased both items new back in the 70s, says the rig sounds great. God save the Queen!  
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9: Two Sound City 4x12 Cabinets
These two 4x12 cabs are from the early Dallas Arbiter era (note the spring-loaded "door-knocker" handles) and look to be in excellent, like-new condition.  
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10: Sound City 120/2xB115E Folded-Horn Stack
These two B115E folded-horn cabs are from the early DMI era. They were purchased in a package with the L120 on top. The cabs' speakers are the original AlNiCo Eminence 15s. 
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11: Sound City SMF Tour Series Stack
This monster stack is from the DMI era. Details on the SMF Tour Series can be found on the Catalogs/Brochures/Price Lists page. This rig looks stock, very clean, and definitely mean.  
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12: Mark 3 L100 Half-Stacks in Creme Tolex/Rexine
These Mark 3 beauties were recently purchased from their original owner in Los Angeles. Note the heads' front panels have been modified to be removable, which is really a great mod that allows preamp tubes to be easily swapped. Also note the corners on the cabinets, which were not stock for Mark 3-era cabs. The creme Tolex is a custom color that was available when these were new. The current owner actually remembers seeing these half-stacks in Whalins' Music Store when they were new in ~1971! Finally, these two 4x12 cabs contain Altec Lansing speakers (see second photo below) that were custom-ordered by the original owner.  
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13: A Truly Sick Collection of Sound City Gear
Gazzer is indeed a bit mad.  
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14: Mark 3 B100 Full-Stack
This Mark 3 stack has seen some miles, and although its grill cloth and speakers are not original, this rig's owner has used Celestions in one cab and Fane "Classic" bass 12s in the other.  
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