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Denizens of Sound City
This page shows photos of folks who are using, or who have used, Sound City gear. My apologies for the relative quality of the photographs, but my undying thanks to those who sent them to me!

1. Jimi Hendrix, ca1967, using among other things, two Sound City 4x12 cabs. The text blurb that follows accompanies this photo. Here is a close-up of the logo on the top 4x12 cab in the photo; note that it's quite similar, if not identical, to the logo on the Sound City One Hundred head.   Photos Home Page

2. The following text blurb is from the book Jimi Hendrix - Electric Gypsy, by Shapiro & Glebbeek, 1992, p. 639.   Photos Home Page

3. A very tiny photo showing Brother Wayne Kramer from his MC5 days, in front of what looks like a Sound City L100 Mark 2 or Mark 3. "I wanna see a sea of hands!"   Photos Home Page

4. A very young Rick Nielsen (far left) playing through two Sound City Mark 2 or Mark 3 stacks, with his early Rockford, IL band Fuse. Even their second guitarist used Sound City stuff (far right).   Photos Home Page

5. The British band Hobgoblin, ca1970, scaring the daylights out of the crowd with stacks of Sound City gear. You go Gaz!    Photos Home Page

6. The US band The Unidentified, ca2004, providing their "surf/punk/garage" sounds through, from left to right, a Sound City 120 head through a Sound City L160 4x12 cab, and a Sound City Bass 150 head (with a Sound City X188 head beneath it as a spare) through a Sound City F215 2x15 bass cabinet. Wipe Out!    Photos Home Page

7. Dating from June 19, 1969, at "Tous en Scene," this photo was taken during a French TV show that was shot in Paris. Although the amp has no logo, the front panel is visible and the layout of the seven knobs indicates the amp is a "One Hundred" (which had the characteristic four Volume controls plus Bass, Treble, and Master Volume controls)    Photos Home Page

8. Jimi, an upside-down Fender Jazz, and a Sound City "One Hundred."     Photos Home Page

9.1 The Status Quo and some Sound City gear. (Courtesy of Mojo Magazine.)     Photos Home Page

9.2. More Status Quo and more Sound City gear. (Courtesy of Mojo Magazine.)    Photos Home Page

10. Here's a shot of a group called Fantastics with their L100 Mark 3 and faux-SC bass cab (lower left). So I'm told, this bass cab (which is not a real Sound City cab) has a 27-inch Celestion and the bass player still uses it! EV made a 30-inch bass speaker during the 70s, so a 27-incher from Celestion is possible. Dig the groovy 70's threads. C'mon... admit it: we all wore this stuff (and probably worse)!    Photos Home Page be continued...

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