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Hayman Concord Combo

Sound City L50 Combo

Sound City Bass Concord Combo

Sound City Concord Combo

Sound City Concord GT 80 Combo

Sound City Pro Artiste 30 Combo

1.1: Hayman Concord Combo Front View
Not much to say for this one other than it's a Sound City Concord combo in every respect, except it being a Hayman Concord Combo. Very cool and probably quite rare. Clean too.    Photos Home Page

1.2: Hayman Concord Combo Rear View   Photos Home Page

1.1: L50 Combo Front View
This is a rare one, IMO. Aside from a slightly taller 2x12 version shown in the Dallas Arbiter catalog (called the "50 Watt Combination Amplifier"), I've never seen one of these. It's essentially a 50 Plus head "morphed" (some might say "stuffed") into a combo form-factor, albeit a bit wider. This combo has two Celestion Greenbacks, but I'm currently unsure whether these are original to the amp. Not sure if it ever had a Sound City logo, but the model shown in the catalog doesn't have one either. This has got to be a heavy beast, but cool nonetheless.    Photos Home Page

1.2: L50 Combo Left-Front Oblique View
Note the spring-loaded "door-knocker" handle; this indicates this combo is from the very early Mark 4 era, when some Sound City cabinets used these handles. Not sure if the wheels are original, but they probably are. Without wheels, this amp might as well be bolted to the floor. Note also how the 50 Plus head is integrated with the surrounding cabinet.    Photos Home Page

1.3: L50 Combo Front Panel View
Like I said, it's a full-on 50 Plus head.   Photos Home Page

1.4: L50 Combo Partial Front Panel View    Photos Home Page

1.5: L50 Combo Partial Rear View
You can see how the same type of rear panel used from a 50 Plus was used for this combo, again just wider. I'm not sure if this amp had a partial open back (as shown) or if there is a panel that was removed for this photo. Note what appears to be particle board construction.    Photos Home Page

1.6: L50 Combo Greenback Rear View
Although I've been told Celestions were an option in some Sound City cabinets, I can't be sure whether these are original or not. Here's a close-up of this speaker's EIA code/serial numbers; if you speak Celestion, please let me know what date is indicated.    Photos Home Page

1.7: L50 Combo Serial Nuimber/ID Badge
In typical Dallas Arbiter-Sound City style, the model number shown is of a 50 Plus head; there's nothing to indicate its use as a combo amp. They at least could have typed "Combo" in the "Type" field. Anyway, a very cool amp!    Photos Home Page

1.1: Sound City Bass Concord Combo Front View
Wow! Here's a rare one... a Bass Concord Combo in beige/cream Rexine. It's not just that the amp itself is so rare, which it is, but the Rexine color makes it even more so. My hunch is that the grill cloth isn't original, but who cares? It's a beauty! This Mark 1 (yes... Mark 1) rarity has a pair of 40-watt 12-inch Fanes.   Photos Home Page

1.2: Sound City Bass Concord Combo Oblique Front View
The same Bass Concord as above, but an oblique front view. And yes, that's a Hiwatt on top.   Photos Home Page

1.3: Sound City Concord Combo and Bass Concord Combo Front Views
This photo shows a a good side-by-side comparison between these two Sound City combo amps. You can see how the Bass Concord shares a cabinet shape that's quite similar (if not identical) to the GT80 combo shown below. Also note the Bass Concord lacks the Concord's VU meter.   Photos Home Page

1.4:  Sound City Bass Concord Combo Rear View
Note the enclosed back for better low end.    Photos Home Page

1.5:  Sound City Bass Concord Combo Rear View w/o Baffle
A very nice view of the interior. Note the amp is mounted upright, which is different than many other combo tube amps in which the amp is mounted upside-down. Also note the pair of 40-watt Fanes.    Photos Home Page

1.6:  Sound City Bass Concord Combo Amp Chassis Exterior View
Remind you of anything? A 50-watt model perhaps? Why reinvent the wheel, after all.   Photos Home Page

1: Sound City Concord Combo Front View
~30 watts (up to 40 watts) from two EL34s, Rexine covering, "Asteroids" fader knobs, VU meter (except on the Bass Concord), two 12-inch speakers, and two channels. Channel 1: two inputs (high/low sensitivity), volume, bass, and treble controls, and brilliant/normal switch; channel 2: identical except for optional reverb w/ fader. (The Concord isn't known for its reverb.) On the rear panel are one external speaker output, a high-/low-gain switch, and input-voltage and impedance selectors. Model shown here has original grill cloth and trim.   Photos Home Page

2: Sound City Concord Combo Front View
~30 watts (up to 40 watts) from two EL34s. Reflections through the original grill cloth suggest Fanes on board.   Photos Home Page

3: Sound City Concord Combo Front View
~30 watts (up to 40 watts) from two EL34s. A clean beige (cream) Rexine-covered model with possibly non-original brown grill cloth (although it could just be the lighting) and lack of gold metal trim. This Rexine color was an available custom-order option from Sound City.   Photos Home Page

4.1: Sound City Concord Combo Front View
~30 watts (up to 40 watts) from two EL34s. Another fine beige/cream Rexine-covered example.   Photos Home Page

4.2: Sound City Concord Combo Close-Up Front-Panel View
Note the characteristic "Asteroids" fader knobs.   Photos Home Page

4.3: Sound City Concord Combo Rear View
Again, it's easy to see how Sound City used their standard 50-watt chassis in the Concord.   Photos Home Page

1: Sound City Concord GT 80 Combo Front View
Exact wattage and tube complement unknown. The GT 80 was a sort of Concord on steroids. Although this model's price appears in the Sound City DMI price list, the model does not appear in the corresponding DMI catalog. In fact, little else is currently known about this combo amp other than it was available with SROs at some point during the 70s.   Photos Home Page

1.1: Sound City Pro Artiste 30 Combo Front View
Before anyone blasts on me for mentioning a solid-state amp in a site devoted to tube amps, my purpose for doing this was to show a very weird and seemingly rare Sound City combo amp, about which I know virtually nothing. The knobs, grill cloth, and gold-metal trim seem to indicate a DMI-era amp, but if anyone knows anything about this beast, please contact me.   Photos Home Page

1.2: Sound City Pro Artiste 30 Combo Rear Interior View
My assumption is that this model produces 30 watts, solid-state, and I think the speakers are 10- or 12-inch Eminence AlNiCos, but like I said, I don't know much at all about this amp.   Photos Home Page

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