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Last updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 9:35

8/31/2010: Added a photo of a Mark 3 B100 full-stack to Photo Page 16 and photos of a (most probably rare) Hayman Concord combo to Photo Page 4.

2/4/2010: Added a PA 50 R schematic to the Amp Schematics page (under "Miscellaneous Schematics"). The PA 50 R is one of the DMI-era PA amps that has a solid-state preamp but a tube power section (six EL34s). Sure wish I could find a schematics for the Dallas Arbiter-era PA amps... hint... hint!

1/15/2010: Added a link to a clever PDF file that includes an assortment of Sound City schematics, including the never-before-seen-on-this-site 120 Energizer Slave. Thanks Mick! See the Amp Schematics page.

1/1/2010: Happy New Year! Posted photos of a rare GT-80 head sent to me by a gentleman from Bulgaria. Cool amp and extremely clean! See Photo Page 18.

12/30/2009: Added a link to the Related Links page that sends you to Transformer Rewinding Service, a company that rewinds Sound City (as well as many other) transformers. Thanks again, Walt!

For a list of what I'm still searching for, and if you feel you might have something to offer, please see the Need Your Help page, but... please contact me before you send anything via email!

Best regards to all!


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